When the champagne overflows

Συγγραφέας:Βρεττού Τζώρτζια


Emily, a beautiful cultured girl, having completed her studies in Switzerland, returns to Athens in order to begin her professional career. Being smart and confident but stifled by her family, she dreams of her independence. She begins her career in a big publishing company, where her course is excellent since her first steps. In an important company gala she meets Michalis. He is everything a young girl would dream of: handsome, gentle, jocose but mysterious. Being from a rich family, he courts her unmercifully: glow and love that blind. Frustrations follow one another. Happiness becomes tears and overflows. Emily struggles with her emotions. For how long could she hold on? What trap had she fallen in?  Who is finally Michalis, the man she adored?  A life, like a fairy tale with a nightmarish scenario.

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