TIBET – gate of the earth

Συγγραφέας:Αλεξάνδρου Δάφνη


Inner and outer adventures, politics,
philosophy, discoveries, wanderings
and esotericism are only some of the
elements Tibet, Gate of the Earth is
made of. A childhood dream, an inner
need and the quest for Tibet’s truth – of
its past and present – spurred Daphne
Alexandrou to travel twice to the ‘Roof of
The World’ and once to Dharamsala in
Indian Himalayas, where she paid a visit
to Dalai Lama, spiritual and ex-political
leader of the region. This fascinating
book is the fruit of that course and
awareness. Like a good friend, the
author confides to the reader all that
she witnessed, observed and collected
during her wandering throughout that
last mystic and enigmatic area of the
world. She also uncovers everything that
touched, intrigued and awed her, always
free from religious, political and any
other kind of prejudice.

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