Ero has often been described as Icarus, who, believing himself to be immortal flew too close to the sun. Hailing from the island where Icarus fell, much of his story resonates with Ero’s. Ero’s waxed wings however, never failed. Ero Glaros began life on the 12th of June 1982 in Athens, Greece. She graduated from Tasis Hellenic American School where her literature teacher encouraged her to be a writer. However, her path took a different turn when she went to England and studied Theatre Studies – Dramaturgy at Leeds University. After a tumultuous battle trying to get through her degree, with a degree of sobriety she eventually returned to her birthplace.
Her teacher’s words were ever engraved on her brain so she attended courses and seminars in creative writing to explore the matter further. In her internship at the TV channel ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) she decided to study the art of Filmmaking which was something she always wanted to learn. It was from these studies that this book sprung. Originally intended to be a film, it seemed to decide for itself that it would much prefer to see itself as the book you now hold in your hands.